We will be closing @ 3 pm on Friday, September 1st.

We will reopen @ 9 am on Tuesday, September 5th.



We offer many choices of delicious made from scratch desserts all prepared in our own in house bakery.  Breads are also available.

Cakes choices include regular and specialty cakes in sizes of :



size           approximate servings:               Regular               Specialty

8″                               10                                     $16                        $24

9″                               12                                     $30                        $33

10″                             14                                     $36                        $40

337 West Wilshire

12″                             16                                     $46                        $50

14″                             22                                     $65                        $70

1/4 sheet               15-20                                  $30                        $34

1/2 sheet               30-40                                 $40                        $45

All cakes are decorated with fresh flowers if you wish and writing is available.  Please order at least 3 business days in advance.

Regular cake choices include chocolate, lemon, strawberry, white

Specialty cake choices include strawberry bavarion, triple chocolate, carrot, German chocolate

We have some of the best sweet breads you have ever tasted, including pumpkin, lemon blueberry and banana are just 3 of them.

Our bundt cakes (rum, cinnamon pecan, lemon, chocolate chip) are so moist and delicious.  We have them in two sizes, small $5 and large $20 (large are special order only).  The small ones are available for first come, first serve selection.

The cookies are amazing!  We strive to keep several choices available in half dozen packages on hand for your enjoyment.



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